Elmar Barthen

Trading post; Rick Grimes


Biggest trading post there, doesn’t stock weapons or armor. Has rations, backpacks, bedrolls etc. Doesn’t sell anything worth more than 25 gp. Lionshield Coster sells armor.

Two young clerks in the shop – Ander and Thistle.

If PCs bring supplies, 10gp each.

Barthen is saddened to hear about Gundren’s capture – they were firneds and he was excited about finding the location of Wave Echo Cave. Knows the other Rockseeker brothers, Nundro and Tharden, but hasn’t seen them and expects them “any day now.”

Business – Redbrands are making life hard on everyone. shaking down local businesses, terrorizing people, and flouting the townmaster’s authority (there is no police). Knows Harbin Wester townmaster is looking for someone to run them off. Knows the Redbrands frequent Sleeping Giant Inn.


Elmar Barthen

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