Halia Thornton

Miner, Red OITNB


Miner’s Exchange – local miners come through to have their findings weighed and prospected. Lots of drifters and adventurers come through.

Also acts as recordkeeping office in the absence of police. They reigster claims to streams and excavations.

Halia – Acts as more than a simple merchant – agent of Zhentarim, a -powerful organization that seeks to exert secret control over the North through welath and influence. Halia wants to bring Phandalin under her control and can be v valuable to PCs if they don’t fuck it up.

She doesn’t know where Cragmaw castle is but knows the Redbrands have a goblin minion serving them. The goblin might know the location of the castle.

Quest – wants Redbrands gone. they loiter around Sleeping Giant, have a base under Tresendar Manor. Offers 100gp to eliminate redbrand leader, Glasstaff, and bring her any correspondence found in the quarters.

Wisdom (insight) DC 15 – she has other motives for wanting them gone (she wants to take over the operation).

If PCs defeat redbrands – she urges those who like wealth and power to join Zhentarim. Gives title of FAng.


Halia Thornton

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